Why doctors are so bad at predicting pregnancy due dates

https://www.vox.com/2018/6/9/17435322/pregnancy-due-date-test-premature-birth Only 4 percent of women give birth on their estimated delivery date. That’s because of the natural variation in how long it takes a baby to grow and because of our limited ability to predict due dates. Medicine, it turns out, is surprisingly bad at measuring the precise age of a fetus or howContinue reading “Why doctors are so bad at predicting pregnancy due dates”

Group B Strep and Placenta Encapsulation Safety

https://placentaassociation.com/group-b-strep-placenta-encapsulation-safety-gbs/ The CDC released a case study on a newborn who had a recurrent GBS infection after the mother had her placenta encapsulated. It has left a lot of people asking… Can my placenta capsules make my baby sick? The short answer is: probably not. A well-trained placenta arts specialist will make sure that yourContinue reading “Group B Strep and Placenta Encapsulation Safety”

Evidence on Eating Dates to Start Labor

https://evidencebasedbirth.com/evidence-eating-dates-to-start-labor/ This has been a hot topic in the doula world for a while. (Click link above to watch the video on EBB website regarding dates and labor!) In today’s Q & A, part of our Natural Induction Series, we’re going to talk about eating the date fruit or Phoenix dactylifera to induce labor naturally.Continue reading “Evidence on Eating Dates to Start Labor”