Doula Support

In-Person Doula Support & Other Offerings

I’m so glad you’re here and considering the support of a doula for yourself or someone you love.

As a mother of two (and grandmother of one!) I understand the importance of care and nurturing during birth, labor, and beyond. Birth is raw and transformative and magical. The path to meeting your baby can also be long, sometimes confusing, and the road twisty. It requires patience and surrender. I work with you & your family, finding ways to comfort, inform, and guide you during your labor journey. I educate and reassure, respond to, advocate for, and show up for my clients during this intense and emotional time. I provide individualized, unbiased, supportive care. Wherever & however you choose to birth your baby, it is an honor to be at your side.

For those in the Jacksonville/North Florida area, if this sounds like the doula support you’re looking for, I offer a free phone consultation and/or virtual meeting to see if there is a connection. We can then follow up with an in-person meeting if you feel my services are a good fit.

For those living outside of the greater Jacksonville area, please reach out! I do provide some travel doula options, especially within the state of Florida & in Los Angeles.

Doula Package
Birth support is not “one size fits all”. My services are tailored to each individual client in order to build deeper connections. Not everyone wants or needs the same level of support.

My services include the following:

A promise of very intentional scheduling with a limited number of clients per calendar month

Phone, text, and email contact as needed during your pregnancy & postpartum

Multiple visits (in person and/or virtually) prenatally to discuss: your birth vision, your preferences, your fears and concerns, the physiological process of labor, hospital protocol and procedures (if applicable to you), tools to help you achieve the birth you desire, & ways we can work together to achieve your goals

Meetings can include an office appointment with your care provider, or a home visit with your midwife

-Birth 101 prep and labor partner support tools

-Assistance with preferences for labor, birth, & newborn care options

-Creating plans for postpartum healing and recovery

Referrals and resources, tips and tricks throughout your pregnancy and beyond

On-call for you 24/7 in the last weeks of pregnancy

Continuous labor support via phone and in person.

Assurance of an experienced backup doula in the case of illness or unlikely event of a conflict with another labor (Limiting clients each month helps ensure this rarely occurs.)

Photo or video documentation captured during the birth (but you and your baby are my priority!)

Postpartum visit/birth processing session, assistance with lactation/feeding + follow up as requested


-Please contact me for a no pressure consultation to discuss my services and rates.

FYI: Payment arrangements are an option, if needed. You can also use your HSA towards doula services! If you are working with a very specific budget, let’s discuss!

Please do not let cost be your only reason for not hiring a Doula. If I cannot serve you, I will do my best to help you find a doula who can.

Reduced rates may be available for homebirth & military families.

Other offerings

Doula Consults: I offer prenatal consultations for those seeking limited support or guidance prenatally to choose a birth team, ask questions, create birth preferences, and help prepare for labor, birth and postpartum.

-My fee for consulting is 125/hr.

Virtual Support: I offer virtual support for childbirth education, prenatal meetings and labor support anywhere in the world!

-Fees dependent on amount of virtual support desired.

Travel Doula Support: I can and do travel within the state of Florida & beyond.

-Travel doula fee and typical reimbursables, such as airfare and accommodations, can be discussed during our consultation.

Katharine Deeb birth doula Jacksonville Los Angeles hospital north Florida Doulas Full Circle Dr. Adams St Vincent’s Southside

“Katharine is incredible in every way. She taught me there is no right or wrong way to birth. The right way is whatever the right choice is for your individual self.

It’s about achieving your best birth, may that be w/ or w/o an epidural, home or hospital, or anything between. Your doula should embrace your choices and help you achieve the best version of it. The right birth is an empowered birth. That’s exactly what Katharine did for us.”

-Sarah K