Equal Parts Fear and Hope: What It’s Like to Be Pregnant During Coronavirus

https://www.instyle.com/videos/pregnant-during-coronavirus-experience-essay Over the past several days, it feels like the baby growing inside me is struggling to get out. As he gets bigger, the walls around him – which just so happen to be made of my flesh and organs – have closed in tighter. In this time of coronavirus, I understand my son’s claustrophobia.Continue reading “Equal Parts Fear and Hope: What It’s Like to Be Pregnant During Coronavirus”

COVID-19, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: What We Know is Reassuring

https://avivaromm.com/covid-19-pregnancy-breastfeeding/   During pregnancy we’re fiercely protective of our health and feel especially responsible for everything we do and expose ourselves – and baby – too. If you’re pregnant, naturally, you’re concerned about COVID-19 for your own health and your baby’s. Who wouldn’t be? We’re inundated with overwhelming awareness about how fast it’s spreading, andContinue reading “COVID-19, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: What We Know is Reassuring”

Please Stop Commenting on My Body

https://www.mothering.com/articles/please-stop-commenting-body/ Pregnancy and childbirth bring a lot of changes to a mother’s life. This goes without saying. Your body changes. Your family increases by one. Your brain changes. Your heart changes. I found, that with these changes, something else happened: people felt like they could comment on my body. I know. Pregnant women are beautiful.Continue reading “Please Stop Commenting on My Body”