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twin homebirth
photo by Rebecca Rugh-Coursey

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”

—Marie F. Mongan

“There aren’t words to adequately express what Katharine means to me and my family. The moment I found out I was pregnant again the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted her to be my doula. This pregnancy was full of twists and turns. Before getting pregnant I had my heart set on a home birth. When we discovered I was carrying TWINS we continued with our OB, same as with our first child. About halfway through the pregnancy I decided home was where I needed to be. Katharine was always supportive and without judgement for both my husband and I during those seemingly tumultuous, anxiety ridden days and weeks when we were getting our team together and during the pregnancy as a whole.

On the day, Katharine was my rock, my anchor. She was calm, intuitive, strong. She doesn’t just show up. She SHOWS UP. Fully present. She knew what I needed without me asking and before I knew. I never felt more seen, loved, and empowered. She held space for me to birth my babies the way I needed. She has a true calling and passion for what she does. Katharine is a gift to those she serves and will always hold a special place in our family.”

-Sarah A.

“My husband and I adore Katharine – she is a true gem, and we feel so blessed we were able to work with her. As we were interviewing doulas, Katharine certainly stood out – she was confident but humble, gentle but strong, calm but proactive, knowledgeable but open, and I knew she would be a great fit for our family. Throughout my pregnancy she was thoughtful, responsive and encouraging, texting me before and after doctor appointments, sending me books/articles to read, and providing endless emotional support as I marched on towards my due date and another two weeks after it!  I think it says a lot about Katharine that my birth experience was literally the opposite of my birth preference list, but I still have very positive memories of it from start to finish.  Katharine made us feel empowered to make the right choices for our family along the way, she steadied our stressful, and at times chaotic labor/delivery, and she was incredibly respectful of and collaborative with our doctor.  I truly cannot imagine our son’s birth without her! 

Finally, I will say that my husband was originally neutral about having a doula – however, as we lived and then later retold our birth story to family and friends, one of the first things my husband mentioned is how much of a positive impact Katharine had on our experience, and how much he underestimated what a doula could provide for both of us.  I’m quite sure he would not have said the same thing about just anyone – Katharine is very special!” 

-Jennifer K.