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Welcome! I’m Katharine Deeb, an established Los Angeles birth doula now relocated to Jacksonville with almost 15 years in the birth world & hundreds and hundreds of families supported.
I offer my services primarily in Duval and St. John’s county + travel for clients to Los Angeles, around Florida & beyond.
If you are pregnant and looking for support, it would be my privilege to help you navigate your journey through pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood.


MISSION: My mission and intention in my doula practice is for my clients to feel seen, heard, educated, cared for, and informed (without judgement) during this exciting and vulnerable transition time.

  • I strive to offer a safe, nonjudgmental space providing individualized care & building deep relationships. In order to achieve this, I only work with a small number of expecting families each month. You can feel confident that you will be one of a limited number of clients I work with in any given time frame, so I can be as available to you as possible.

EXPERIENCE: I have been fortunate over the years to have learned from and collaborated care with some of the best Los Angeles has to offer- midwives, OBs, nurses, doulas, birth photographers, holistic health professionals, healers, body workers, postpartum specialists – that I consider mentors and friends. I was honored to join the Carriage House Birth L.A. doula community in 2016, helping to facilitate monthly doula groups & teach childbirth education, and was also a member of the birth and postpartum community at LOOM.

  • I am well-versed and confident in homebirths, TOLACs/VBACs, unplanned surgical births, twin births, unmedicated hospital births, water-births, scheduled cesarean births, birth center births, medically managed births, epidural births, & inductions.

PASSION: I am passionate about your informed consent, your rights as a human being giving birth, and protecting your sacred birth space. I serve people of all identities, faiths, & family structures. All families are welcome here!

I trust the process of physiological birth and the intuition & choices of my clients. I will support you however and wherever you choose to birth your baby.

Katharine Deeb birth doula Jacksonville Los Angeles hospital north Florida Doulas
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Kind Words From Clients

“I don’t have enough wonderful things to say about Katharine Deeb. Simply put, she is extremely special. I wanted no nonsense support for my birth with someone I could trust to take charge when needed and she delivered. I decided to work with her when I was planning a hospital birth and at the last minute switched to home birth. Not only did she roll with the punches but she provided many resources that made it all possible. My partner found Katharine’s support to be extremely helpful, she helped him help me in the most discreet ways and it was a wonderful experience. I will use Katharine for all my babies and I truly feel so fortunate to have found such a gem.”

-D. Klein

“Katharine is truly everything I was looking for in a doula. She is a knowledgeable and judgement-free resource for all things pregnancy and birth. A warm and peaceful presence with the ability to laugh when the moment calls for it. Because having a human body come out of your human body is craaazy. She gets it! And she’s just a joy to be around! I feel like one of her greatest gifts is the ability to step into a family dynamic and be there without taking over. She matches and supports the energy that is already there. And then in the throws of labor she was impressively intuitive. I appreciated her ability to support me silently, quickly and with purpose. And Katharine is STRONG. There were moments where I felt like she was literally holding my body together during contractions. And one particular moment where I felt like I couldn’t stay in my body and she steadily talked me back down and completely grounded me. The minute she helped me back, my water finally broke and on the next contraction my baby came out like a flash. I loved going into my second birthing adventure with Katharine at my side. I wouldn’t dare try it again without her, so she will be my person for my third baby this July. And thanks to Katharine, I welcome the adventure again!” 

-Jessica C.

Katharine Deeb birth doula Jacksonville Los Angeles hospital north Florida Doulas 
photo by Rebecca Rugh-Coursey

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“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.”

—Jane Weideman

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“Birth is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous…

no matter how many times you see it.”

-Robin Lim

Katharine Deeb birth doula Jacksonville Los Angeles hospital north Florida Doulas Lori Bregman
photo by Rebecca Rugh-Coursey

Serving clients birthing primarily in Duval County, Jacksonville Beaches and St. John’s County. Hospitals including but not limited to Baptist Beaches, HCA Memorial, Ascension St. Vincent’s Southside, Flagler, UF Health North, Baptist South, Naval Hospital Jacksonville. Support clients at all birth centers and homebirths in areas such as Riverside, San Marco, Murray Hill, Avondale, Springfield, Southside, Mandarin, Orange Park, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Mayport, Arlington, Mandarin, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra and Saint Augustine. Available for travel doula services primarily to Los Angeles, the East Coast, Miami-Dade, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Orlando & throughout Florida.