what is dare alla luce?

Dare Alla Luce: Italian verb:(transitive) TO BRING FORTH, TO GIVE BIRTH TO.

In Italian, the literal translation of “to give birth”— “Dare alla Luce”— is: “to give to the light”. An exquisite phrase to describe the beauty and wonder of childbirth.

I credit a lovely Italian friend of mine who had her births at home to introducing me to the word “doula” and encouraging me to follow my calling to support pregnant women & families.

Katharine Deeb Jacksonville doula Los Angeles homebirth

“I first gave birth eight years ago. My birth was lonely. Uncertain. Blurry. Not my own. Once I found out I was going to be a 2nd time mother I immediately knew I wanted a different experience. My search for a doula led me to Katharine Deeb. I remember that something about her face felt relatable to me, and my intuition told me she was my right fit. When she walked in to my home I was struck by her strength of presence. She exudes a warmth and a calmness that made me feel as though I was sitting beside an old friend. Throughout my pregnancy I was able to lean on her for anything and everything. She was always quick to respond to me, and gave me support in all areas. She has walked beside me in two deliveries now.

Although my births were swift and uncomplicated, I would not have felt as comfortable, in control, at peace, and confident about my deliveries without Katharine beside me. It’s difficult to find the words to describe a love and respect as deep as I feel for what Katharine provided me during that time. I can only describe them as safe, beautiful, and empowering moments in my life. 

Forever thankful for her energy and love as I welcomed my daughters into the world.”

-Caitlin D.