“As two young people who had never experienced a pregnancy or birth before, we knew we wanted some support for the arrival of our first child. At first we were not even sure that meant a doula, or that we needed one. We had many interviews with potential people. But after meeting Katharine, we knew we found a unique and open person who would listen to our desires and concerns for this intense and special moment in our lives. Her energy and approach set her apart from everyone else we spoke with and it felt like the missing link we’d been waiting for. She was endlessly available for questions and information in the months before the labor began, and a warm and knowledgeable  presence when the show finally started. She seems capable to work within a variety of social styles and familial situations, and also birthing circumstances: she’s done home as well as hospital — and encourages whatever level of medical intervention you feel comfortable with. She was the only person we interviewed who came to the practice without any preconceived notions, ego or judgement. And on a smaller note, her aromatherapy and body work during labor eased some tension in ways I wasn’t even expecting.  Would highly recommend her as part of your birthing team, and would be happy to share more thoughts by phone or email if anyone would like to hear more. My husband said that it allowed him to relax and be present in a way that he couldn’t have otherwise — it was like what you want New Years Eve to be, but it never is, in his coded words!” 

-Heika B.

“Katharine was an absolute pleasure to work with as my birth doula.  She’s extremely knowledgeable at every point in the process.  It felt good running questions by her during my labor and having her by my side.  Her whole focus was helping put our minds at ease and being a fantastic support in the room. But what makes her so good at what she does is her personality and energy.  She’s a warm, patient and kind person through and through.  She’s extremely calming to be around – and that’s priceless.  Both my husband and I enjoyed our pre-birth meetings with her because she’s such a wonderful fun person to be around. I didn’t know her before I hired her as my doula, but now I consider her a friend.  I highly recommend Katharine”.


Katharine Deeb birth doula Jacksonville Los Angeles homebirth north Florida Doulas Rebecca Coursey birth photographer
photo by Rebecca Rugh-Coursey

“I was looking for a Doula here in Los Angeles (my son was born in NYC with a doula there) and frankly was having trouble finding someone who I connected with. I spoke to a few on the phone and while very lovely and professional they didn’t have the spark, the joy, the depth that I was hoping for. Then someone suggested I call Katharine Deeb. I spoke to her on the phone and fell in love. Her warmth, her depth came right through the phone. And then we met and my search was over. We had our doula! Her ability to listen and distill your needs down into its essence and then apply that to your journey as a pregnant woman (and couple) is remarkable. She just “gets it”. My husband and I are pretty irreverent about things. It is definitely a way that we handle experiences of high emotion like pregnancy and childbirth. Jokes. Stories. Humor. And Katharine’s laugh is quick and bright and infectious. She understood that our humor worked us through some of the challenges of our natural/drug free (and very LONG!) birth. She also was there, right with me when I had to dig deep to use my “inner warrior” (as she called it). She can roll with it and be RIGHT THERE with you when you most need it. And did I EVER need her. She brought essential oils, and back rubs, and affirmations, and laughs, and advice, and sympathy and cool washcloths and quick little bites of food and perfectly timed quiet words with her. She worked alongside my little team (my amazing doc at Cedars Sinai, my nurses and my husband and Mom) to find her perfect role in the journey. I have fleeting moments that come into my mind all the time of my magical, challenging, transformative birth…and she is always a part of those snapshots in my mind with her GORGEOUS smile and warm words of wisdom, helping me bring our little girl into the world. And that for me is so important. That your doula seems like she was always MEANT to be there. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Katharine Deeb”.


“Katharine was our doula when our son was born in September 2009. We met with her a few months earlier and didn’t even need to meet with anyone else; we knew right away she was the perfect match for us. Katharine was supportive, encouraging and calm throughout the entire labor and delivery and helped put my husband and I at ease. We planned for an unmedicated, natural delivery but after a 24-hour induction, my doctor felt a c-section would be best. Katharine offered to accompany us in the operating room and stayed until we were settled into a room, going above and beyond anything we could have expected. We’ve remained in touch over the years and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.”


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Client photo, shared with permission @ Baptist Beaches

“Some pregnancies and childbirths are easy and uncomplicated. I won’t beat around the bush: mine were neither of these. However, thanks to Katharine’s calm, steady, reassuring presence and support I was able to face the challenges gracefully that led me to my greatest joy, my daughter. My husband and I really don’t know what we would have done without Katharine by our side throughout the process. She was there during my pregnancy complications, always grounded and unflappable; she was there during a complicated and traumatic birth, remaining calm and miraculously finding ways to keep me comfortable through the pain; and she was there after to help me process my feelings and get my bearings as a new Mom. She is the kind of doula you want by your side–prepared for any and everything, always steady. Thank you, Katharine.”


“We feel so blessed to have found Katharine for the birth of our son and third baby. She is warm, loving, understanding, non-judgemental and incredibly helpful on all things birth related but also a wonderful sounding board for all things mother and life related. She provided consistent support through the course of my pregnancy via meet-ups, texts and emails.  We found her to be incredibly responsive and willing to give of her time, energy and advice. Her knowledge of the hospital (Cedars) and experience working alongside our OB and the staff at Cedars speaks to her ability to work harmoniously with everyone and makes for a calm and warm atmosphere.  She was attentive and caring through the hours of labor, came prepped with oils and strong hands for squeezing! I truly feel that my birth was significantly better and more positive with her involved, and frankly would have more babies just to have her around!  We value her service as a doula but also consider a friend and part of our family as she helped us usher in our baby boy. Thank you, Katharine!!”

Sarah M.

photo Rebecca Rugh-Coursey Katharine Deeb birth doula Jacksonville Los Angeles homebirth north Florida Doulas
photo by Rebecca Rugh Coursey

We love Katharine like a member of our family. Having her at our birth was 1 of the best decisions we ever made. K was with us in labor 2 separate times for the same birth. She was incredible throughout the turn of events. After reporting excessive itchiness at 37wks, my midwives suspected I had Cholestasis. We had to proceed with an immediate induction. I had been preparing for an unmedicated birth. K helped us navigate the physical & emotional complexities of our situation. The cervical exams were excruciating. I became consumed w/ self-doubt. How was I going to be able to do this w/o an epidural if I can’t even handle a cervical check? I felt defeated, my confidence in my body was shot. I was an emotional wreck it hadn’t even been 24 hrs. K met us at the hospital to help us settle in. She diffused EO’s, she massaged my feet & stayed until bed. She was there for me when my self confidence disappeared. Her touch was firm yet comforting. I really needed her there and she was. She already knew the midwives and L&D nurses. She anticipated everything before it happened. K helped me refocus & accept my new reality. On the 3rd day the next steps were: epidural+foley+pitocin. Right before the epi, blood work came back negative. We’re told we could go home. “There’s no way I’m leaving w/o baby” I thought. K helped us make an informed decision based on science & not emotions. We went home. If we kept going my baby would have likely been born via emergency C. My water broke 3 wks later & baby was born vaginally. K is incredible in every way. She taught me there is no right or wrong way to birth. The right way is whatever the right choice is for your individual self. It’s about achieving your best birth, may that be w/ or w/o an epidural, home or hospital, or anything between. Your doula should embrace your choices and help you achieve the best version of it. The right birth is an empowered birth. That’s exactly what Katharine did for us. 

-Sarah K.

“I would highly recommend Katharine.  She was the link that made my daughter’s birth complete. Her non-judgmental support, knowledge and compassion helped develop a comfortable, loving environment and provided my husband and I critical information in order to feel empowered during this process.”


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client photo, shared with permission

“My wife and I immediately felt relieved when Katharine walked into our labor room; her presence and calmness eased all the tension from the hospital and the nervousness we were going through ourselves. She massages my wife and speaks to her, empowering her until the delivering stage. And from there she backs me up, gave me courage and accompanied and guided me in every little step (sometimes hospital procedures could stress you out) until the baby arrived. It was our decision not to have our family members there during our labor and delivery period, because our family would have made it more intense and stressful; having a Doula is the way to go, it is a comfort, it is a blessing, we couldn’t have done it with ease without Doula Katharine. She is a very special person in our life.”