Doula the Doula Mentorship Program // Lori Bregman + Katharine Deeb 2023

Welcome to the Doula the Doula Mentorship Program with Lori Bregman and Katharine Deeb!

When we first took our weekend doula training, we were launched into the unknown world of birth. Unsure of how to get clients, we were fortunate that our friends (and friends of friends) were having babies and they were open to us being their doulas. We were in these birth rooms thinking- we have no idea what the hell we’re doing! So we winged it and figured it out as we went along. Each birth, we gathered information, always learning something new. After 24 years for Lori and 14 years for Katharine, and over 1500 births supported collectively, we are still learning something new at every birth.

“When I first started, and for at least the first 10 years I had zero support as doulas weren’t very known about, it was like the wild west out there. I felt alone, and uneducated and often would need to process the birth experience, but had no one in my life that could understand what it was like.  There is a quote I saw recently by Hannah Neese that said, “And when you get to where you’re going, turn around and help her too. For there was a time, not long ago when she was you.” So, my friends, this is why I am doing my Doula the Doula 12-Month Mentorship Program because I never want any doula out there EVER to feel alone or unsupported.” – Lori  

“After my doula training, I feel like we were all just sent out to the world with tips on hip squeezes and how to behave at the hospital. I was completely unprepared for the art of holding space, birth trauma, advocacy, or how to run a doula business. I was lucky enough to connect with a seasoned doula, my now dear friend Sufi, around 6 months in, and having another doula to answer questions, be a sounding board, and help me navigate the birth world was priceless. In kind, I have truly loved mentoring other doulas in this magical, enigmatic, and often grueling work that we do. All new doulas deserve to have a Sufi!”


There is so much more to be learned after you take your training. The real work begins when you get out there and get your hands dirty working with clients throughout pregnancy, in the birth space, and beyond. From all of our years of experience and wishing this existed when we were newer doulas, we collaborated for our Doula the Doula 12-Month Mentorship Program where our intention is to doula YOU with guidance and support as you birth your new career as a doula!


Lori and Katharine

Yearlong mentorship begins 1/18/2023!

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