Why doctors are so bad at predicting pregnancy due dates

https://www.vox.com/2018/6/9/17435322/pregnancy-due-date-test-premature-birth Only 4 percent of women give birth on their estimated delivery date. That’s because of the natural variation in how long it takes a baby to grow and because of our limited ability to predict due dates. Medicine, it turns out, is surprisingly bad at measuring the precise age of a fetus or howContinue reading “Why doctors are so bad at predicting pregnancy due dates”

42 Weeks and counting (loving overdue babies)

http://wisewomanwayofbirth.com/42-weeks-and-counting-loving-overdue-babies/ Carrying a baby to 42 weeks and beyond has become such a big deal in our culture.  In a healthy pregnancy, carrying the baby longer is a good sign and results in a baby that sucks well and is ready for extra uterine life.  This is the information that I give to mothers whoContinue reading “42 Weeks and counting (loving overdue babies)”