Giving Birth in Different Worlds (click to read the article) The photographs in the series “Hundred Times the Difference,” by the photographer Moa Karlberg, capture, in closeup, the faces of women in the final stages of giving birth. Across the images, there is a range of expressions: grit and sensuality, trepidation and expectation, pain and elation. But in their intimateContinue reading “Giving Birth in Different Worlds”

I had a home birth and I’m not stupid. Or brave.   One Friday morning five years ago, I peed on a stick and a pink plus sign appeared. I didn’t know anything about babies, pregnancy or giving birth, but finding a respectable doctor and a good hospital seemed the most appropriate course of action. If someone had ever suggested having a home birth toContinue reading “I had a home birth and I’m not stupid. Or brave.”