How to Advocate for Yourself in the Delivery Room Giving birth draws you deep into your body, yet you’ll depend on others to get through it. Whether you have a brief labor eased by an epidural, deliver on all fours in your own living room or have an unplanned C-section, what matters most is how you are cared for and if you areContinue reading “How to Advocate for Yourself in the Delivery Room”

Using Sports Psychology for Childbirth Any woman who has ever carried and birthed a child, in whatever fashion, deserves her own ESPN highlight reel — blood, sweat, tears and the eventual triumph of holding her newborn baby. To be clear, childbirth isn’t a game. You can’t plead with the referee when you don’t like a call or leave theContinue reading “Using Sports Psychology for Childbirth”

I WENT TO A “VAGINAPRACTOR”—HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED When I met Johnson at WMN Space, my first question was how, exactly, she started doing this kind of work in the first place. (I mean, it’s not something you can major in at college.) The former yoga instructor and bodyworker told me she found her calling while dealing with a serious pelvic-floorinjury brought on by childbirth.Continue reading “I WENT TO A “VAGINAPRACTOR”—HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED”