New ‘postpartum house’ in Calgary believed to be one of first of its kind in Canada Being a new mom can be overwhelming, even if everything goes smoothly with the labour and delivery. But many new moms find themselves driving all over the city for followup appointments or seeking help for postpartum issues after the baby arrives — from complicated labour, breastfeeding problems to postpartum depression. Paige Barlow wants toContinue reading “New ‘postpartum house’ in Calgary believed to be one of first of its kind in Canada”

POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING It’s estimated that worldwide, some 10 to 15 per cent of new mothers suffer from postpartum depression. According to studies, having a strong social network – both online and in real life – can help mothers cope with this common medical concern. A DARKER SHADE OF BABY BLUES Postpartum depression is not to beContinue reading “POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING”

I WENT TO A “VAGINAPRACTOR”—HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED When I met Johnson at WMN Space, my first question was how, exactly, she started doing this kind of work in the first place. (I mean, it’s not something you can major in at college.) The former yoga instructor and bodyworker told me she found her calling while dealing with a serious pelvic-floorinjury brought on by childbirth.Continue reading “I WENT TO A “VAGINAPRACTOR”—HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED”