POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING It’s estimated that worldwide, some 10 to 15 per cent of new mothers suffer from postpartum depression. According to studies, having a strong social network – both online and in real life – can help mothers cope with this common medical concern. A DARKER SHADE OF BABY BLUES Postpartum depression is not to beContinue reading “POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING”

The Lonely Terror of Postpartum Anxiety (click link to read this really important piece on I’m lying awake, gazing at the gentle rise and fall of my 3-month-old’s chest. He’s a delicate infant, constantly surprising me with his smallness, like his sister did when she was born four years earlier. In recent weeks, my son has begun stretching outContinue reading “The Lonely Terror of Postpartum Anxiety”

Postpartum Depression Can Happen to Any Parent

Postpartum Depression Can Happen to Any Parent The baby blues aren’t just the domain of birth mothers: fathers, adoptive parents, and nonbiological mothers are also at risk. Postpartum depression is a condition diagnosed in mothers—birth mothers, specifically—coming home from the hospital after giving birth and feeling that something is off. That the joy they thoughtContinue reading “Postpartum Depression Can Happen to Any Parent”