We Don’t Need To Change Babies’ Sleep Habits, We Need To Change Our Expectations

https://www.scarymommy.com/cat-napping-night-waking-normal/ For seven years, I ran a monthly in-person breastfeeding support group and a Facebook breastfeeding support group. In that time, I answered hundreds of phone calls and emails from new moms. The questions many moms had definitely pertained to things related to breastfeeding, like whether their baby had a good latch or if they wereContinue reading “We Don’t Need To Change Babies’ Sleep Habits, We Need To Change Our Expectations”

‘What do new mothers do all day?’

https://www.mother.ly/life/what-do-new-mothers-do-all-day#close Mamas, I want to tell you the truth. And here it is: You will not get anything done when you are home with a baby. (click to read post by Anne Rust on mother.ly)

The Lonely Terror of Postpartum Anxiety

https://www.thecut.com/2017/08/the-lonely-terror-of-postpartum-anxiety.html (click link to read this really important piece on thecut.com) I’m lying awake, gazing at the gentle rise and fall of my 3-month-old’s chest. He’s a delicate infant, constantly surprising me with his smallness, like his sister did when she was born four years earlier. In recent weeks, my son has begun stretching outContinue reading “The Lonely Terror of Postpartum Anxiety”