8 Self-Care Tips for New Parents

http://mommysbliss.com/8-self-care-tips-new-parents/ Imagine sitting up in your bed nursing your babe at 3 am. Quietly looking out the window, while your partner sleeps blissfully next to you.  Your baby coos and finally drifts off to sleep.  You gently place your sweet little baby in the bassinet next to the bed, simultaneously saying a prayer for aContinue reading “8 Self-Care Tips for New Parents”

Is Your Baby a Tether-Berg or a Tether-Floe? (Tongue Ties)

http://www.michalechatham.com/blog/tether-berg-or-tether-floe We all know the definition of iceberg: a large mass of ice located in the water with just a visible portion protruding above the water’s surface. Ice floes, by contrast, are flat floating sheets of ice with no base underwater. Both beautiful and dangerous, icebergs and ice floes present no issue as long as youContinue reading “Is Your Baby a Tether-Berg or a Tether-Floe? (Tongue Ties)”