‘What do new mothers do all day?’

https://www.mother.ly/life/what-do-new-mothers-do-all-day#close Mamas, I want to tell you the truth. And here it is: You will not get anything done when you are home with a baby. (click to read post by Anne Rust on mother.ly)

The Lonely Terror of Postpartum Anxiety

https://www.thecut.com/2017/08/the-lonely-terror-of-postpartum-anxiety.html (click link to read this really important piece on thecut.com) I’m lying awake, gazing at the gentle rise and fall of my 3-month-old’s chest. He’s a delicate infant, constantly surprising me with his smallness, like his sister did when she was born four years earlier. In recent weeks, my son has begun stretching outContinue reading “The Lonely Terror of Postpartum Anxiety”

What No One Tells You About Bonding With Baby

http://www.mothering.com/articles/what-no-one-tells-you-about-bonding-with-baby (click to read the entire article on mothering.com) If we spend time thinking about it (which we often don’t), most of us believe we’ll transition into motherhood easily. I’m sure lots of women have no problems in those early heady days of being a first time mom. But I’d also be willing to betContinue reading “What No One Tells You About Bonding With Baby”