Using Sports Psychology for Childbirth Any woman who has ever carried and birthed a child, in whatever fashion, deserves her own ESPN highlight reel — blood, sweat, tears and the eventual triumph of holding her newborn baby. To be clear, childbirth isn’t a game. You can’t plead with the referee when you don’t like a call or leave theContinue reading “Using Sports Psychology for Childbirth”

LAUGHING GAS CHANGING THE WAY WOMEN ENDURE LABOR PAIN **Currently St. John’s in Santa Monica and GraceFull Birthing Center in Silverlake are the only facilities in the LA area that offer nitrous oxide during labor, to my knowledge.  SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) — Many women have turned to laughing gas as a drug-free alternative to get through the pains of childbirth. New momContinue reading “LAUGHING GAS CHANGING THE WAY WOMEN ENDURE LABOR PAIN”