Third Stage of Labor – The Most Taboo Part of Childbirth The third stage of labor is everything that happens after the baby is born, the part of childbirth that doesn’t make it to the movies.  The delivery of the placenta, the most taboo part of childbirth, encompasses the third stage of labor. Compared to the rest of labor, the third stage of labor isContinue reading “Third Stage of Labor – The Most Taboo Part of Childbirth”

MOM TALK: MY SURROGACY JOURNEY **Trigger warning. Story includes mention of a 24-week loss. Like new mother Jennifer Talesfore so eloquently details in her essay below, surrogacy is a practice often shrouded in mystery and judgement. We hope reading her touching personal narrative of love, loss, and hope brings a better understanding to the families going through the surrogacyContinue reading “MOM TALK: MY SURROGACY JOURNEY”

Early-morning births are genetically programmed   “THE notion that nothing good happens after midnight does not seem to apply to times of birth. Around the world the peak hours for vaginal births that have not been induced by drugs fall between 1am and 7am; the numbers then dwindle throughout the rest of the day. This has led many scientistsContinue reading “Early-morning births are genetically programmed”