My Favorite Online Resources  Evidence based research on birth topics  Options, support, respect for choices  Evidence based info for mamas   Excellent resource for breech and other baby positions   Search for Breech Providers in the US    International Cesarean Awareness Network   VBAC info  C-section info    More good info on c-sections (Canadian)   Resource for moms and moms to be in Los Angeles   Resources for postpartum depression & perinatal mood disorders   More resources for postpartum depression  Positive support for formula feeding   Health related topics for women of size   Great birth resource & information   Natural, holistic health information   Midwife’s archives, all aspects of pregnancy/birth  Deborah Pascali-Bonaro’s site on gentle, pleasurable birth   The original Mongan Method of Hypnobirthing   Expert on evidence based maternity care   Dr. Jack Newman’s wonderful site on breastfeeding   Advocacy and information regarding maternal rights in childbirth   The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services(CIMS)   Resource for Addiction & Pregnancy
more to come…

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