Postpartum Support for Traumatic Births/PTSD/Mood Disorders

Because birth can be unpredictable, sometimes even with all of the right preparation- a low risk pregnancy, an amazing childbirth education class, excellent nutrition and physical health, the perfect care provider, and an awesome doula- births don’t always go as planned. Sometimes they are even traumatic. Moms (and partners) can often use extra emotional and informational support when this happens. Here are some great outside resources and support groups to look into…

Comprehensive info on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders:

Postpartum Progress is a non-profit that aims to raise awareness, fight stigma and provide peer support and programming to women with maternal mental illness:

Article on Midwifery Today:

Article on The Atlantic:

Women centered, evidence based information:

Website that provides support, resources, and awareness around planned out-of-hospital births that end in cesareans, referred to as Homebirth Cesareans (HBC):

(Resources below recommended by Homebirth Cesarean Facebook group): 

Homebirth Lost: a support group for homebirth transfers that didn’t necessarily end in cesarean:

Home Birth Loss Support Group: people that had or planned to have a home birth and lost their baby.

Difficult Birth Journeys (A private Facebook group):

Birth Trauma (Private FB group):


Cesarean after Long Labor Support:

Birth Trauma UK:

ReGroup Therapy (online therapy group for birth trauma):

Birthing From Within (birth story healing sessions):

Solace for Mothers (online support group for healing after traumatic birth):