Tips for the Partner, Coach or Friend

Tips for the Partner, Coach or Friend
(While Waiting for Your Doula)

  • If labor begins at night and she is not in a lot of pain, help her back to sleep with a soothing massage.
  • If labor begins during the day, take her to a place you both love where you can get used to labor together. This could be a park or a comfortable room in your home. Enjoy your last moments together before your family size increases.
  • Help her to remember to drink plenty of water or juice and to eat small meals as long as possible; prepare (or buy) her favorite foods.
  • Take responsibility for seeing that the bags are packed and the baby’s carseat is properly installed in your car.
  • Take a shower and wear something she likes — no aftershave, please.
  • Keep in close, relaxed physical contact with her.
  • As labor progresses, help her relax by encouraging her to let her body relax. Stroke her gently to reassure her.
  • Breathe with her if she starts to panic. Help her to regain her control.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to use common endearments with your Doula, caregiver or nursing staff around; she needs to hear them from you!
  • In transition, speak tenderly to her between contractions, and maintain eye contact during contractions.
  • Once she is pushing, get your body close to her so she feels your support and reinforcement.
  • Let her know when you can see the baby’s head, and help her reach down and touch it.
  • Tell her you love her, especially after the baby is born.



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