How to Prepare for a Successful VBAC

Considering a VBAC?

If you’ve had a Cesarean birth by necessity or choice, and have decided to attempt a vaginal birth in a current or future pregnancy, the idea of planning a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) may seem overwhelming. There are so many emotions that often surround this decision.

Many blog posts have been written on how to have the best chances of achieving a VBAC from a medical standpoint, covering all of the things you should and shouldn’t do in labor and the tests you should and shouldn’t have late in pregnancy. This article has some great starting points for things to think about when considering a VBAC.

My experience, planning my own VBACs and working with other Cesarean and VBAC moms, has shown me that the best advice I can give is to educate and empower yourself. Emotional and educational support is key so that you can make the best choices for YOUR birth and feel prepared and empowered for your VBAC journey. This post will cover the ways in which you can prepare before labor ever starts. Much of that preparation involves finding the best support and education that you can.

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