Either by choice or medical necessity, c-sections happen. Here are some resources so you can be more informed about this procedure. Click any of the links below to read more.

All About C-Sections   (articles and videos)

Mayo Clinic C-section Video

C-Section Rates By Hospital   (sections performed at hospitals across the US)

Top Ten Signs Your Doctor Is Planning To Perform An Unnecessary Cesarean Section On You   (written by an OB-GYN)

10 Best Ways to Avoid a Cesarean Section   (from healthnews.com)

A Family-Centered Cesarean: Taking Back Control of My Son’s Birth   (great article on a c-section experience)

A Family-Centered Cesarean Birth Plan   (writing a c-section birth plan, from the BWF blog)

Doulas are for Women who Have Planned Cesareans   (doulas and c-sections)


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