Why A Birthing Ball Can Help In Labor

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/well-rounded-ny/why-a-birthing-ball-can-h_b_10724180.html The mere idea of sitting on an unsteady birthing ball during labor (and even pregnancy!) can be daunting. But when used properly, birthing balls, also known as exercise and fitness balls) are excellent tools to sustain a healthy pregnancy and successful labor. Indeed, birthing ball exercises can give you the strength and stability thatContinue reading “Why A Birthing Ball Can Help In Labor”

Tips For Dads On How To Be Involved During Pregnancy

http://blog.daddyncompany.com/my-life-as-a-dad-2/tips-for-dads-on-how-to-be-involved-during-pregnancy/ Pregnancy can be a confusing and even tough time for expectant dads. There’s so much mixed emotion – they’re a melting pot of excitement, nerves, love, hopes, dreams and fears. Yet most often, there are too few opportunities for dads to channel this energy into meaningful action that helps them feel involved during pregnancy.Continue reading “Tips For Dads On How To Be Involved During Pregnancy”

What High-Risk Pregnant Women Need to Hear

http://www.brandyferner.com/what-high-risk-pregnant-women-need-to-hear/ The transition from being an innocent, hopeful and glowing pregnant woman to one that’s stamped “high-risk” is not an easy one. Sometimes something urgent and scary happens that immediately flips that coin and other times the change is like a slow-moving car driving towards a new state line. Regardless of how quickly the new realityContinue reading “What High-Risk Pregnant Women Need to Hear”