How to Align Baby for an Easier, Faster Birth (click to read) Your baby has an active role in her birth. She must rotate and tuck, hold and kick her body in certain ways to be born. These movements, called cardinal movements, are instinctive to babies and differ for babies in different positions. Our babies and bodies birth quickest and safest when the babyContinue reading “How to Align Baby for an Easier, Faster Birth”

New ACOG Opinion on Exercise in the Childbearing Year (click link to read) “…physical activity in pregnancy is safe and desirable, and pregnant women should be encouraged to continue or to initiate safe physical activities.” — ACOG Committee Opinion, Physical Activity and Exercise in Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period Good news!  

Pregnant Women, Have No Fear! The time has come for you to trust your strength, endurance, and intuition. Empower your body to ride the journey of both pregnancy and labor with a dynamic yoga practice! (click to read a great article by Tiffany Chambers-Goldberg, one of my favorite yoga teachers, on