Dr. Sears Addresses Recent Co-Sleeping Concerns

http://www.askdrsears.com/news/latest-news/dr-sears-addresses-recent-co-sleeping-concerns Every night millions of mothers and babies the world over sleep close to each other, and the babies wake up just fine.  Instead of alarming conscientious parents, like the recent shocking and insensitive ad campaign in Milwaukee did, as reported in the Journal Sentinel, sleep advisors should be teaching parents how to co-sleep safely. (click to readContinue reading “Dr. Sears Addresses Recent Co-Sleeping Concerns”

Wait! Don’t Wash That Newborn!

http://eco18.com/dont-wash-newborn/ Do you ever watch a television show where a baby is born and laugh as they hand the new mom a clean, approximately 8-week old baby? Most people are well-aware that babies are born with a slimy mucus-like covering on them. For years, I just assumed it was from being inside the mom’s uterus—leftoverContinue reading “Wait! Don’t Wash That Newborn!”