http://www.mothermag.com/fourth-trimester/ Creating a new life is not an overnight process, as we all know. Women’s bodies work hard to provide a safe and nurturing environment in order to grow a baby. The nine-plus months, or 40(ish) weeks, of pregnancy are split into three trimesters, each about 12-14 weeks long. Many women will track the milestones of their unborn babiesContinue reading “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT “THE FOURTH TRIMESTER””

15 Things I’d Want to Tell a New Mother

http://cupofjo.com/2016/05/first-year-baby-breastfeeding-sleep-training/ (click link abouto read the blog post) A few of my friends had new babies this spring, and while looking into their wide, shell-shocked eyes, I remember what it’s like to have a wriggly tiny life in your arms. Everything seems chaotic and hazy and wonderful and exhausting. Here’s what I’d tell those new mothers…Continue reading “15 Things I’d Want to Tell a New Mother”

The 100 Days Of Darkness With A New Baby

http://www.scarymommy.com/100-days-darkness-new-baby/ (click link above to read post) “How old is your baby?” asked a woman not much older than me as I tossed four bars of chocolate into my grocery cart, two of which would be my reward for getting the baby to sleep that afternoon. “Almost 3 months,” I responded, blinking in the harsh lightContinue reading “The 100 Days Of Darkness With A New Baby”