30 Birth Photos That Show Pure, Beautiful Love

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/30-birth-photos-that-show-pure-beautiful-love_us_58068a7fe4b0b994d4c24b9a (click link above to see some amazing photos of ALL types of labors and births…) Oh, my heart… No matter how a baby’s birth unfolds ― whether it’s a first-time mom having a C-section, or a third-time mother fighting through a labor that lasts two full days ― childbirth is hard and it is messy.Continue reading “30 Birth Photos That Show Pure, Beautiful Love”

EAT!!! Most healthy women would benefit from light meal during labor

http://asahq.org/about-asa/newsroom/news-releases/2015/10/eating-a-light-meal-during-labor It’s about time!!!  The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) announced this weekend that most healthy women can skip the fasting and, in fact, would benefit from eating a light meal during labor. (click link above to read the press release)

Big Babies – The Curse of (mis) Diagnosing a Macrosomic Infant Part.1

http://sarahockwell-smith.com/2012/11/04/big-babies-the-curse-of-mis-diagnosing-a-macrosomic-infant-part-1/ Thousands of women are diagnosed with suspected big babies (or ‘macrosomia’ to use the medical terminology) every year, but this one simple label can have a profound effect on their birth. Obstetric consultants often take the results of growth scans as gospel, scheduling elective C-Sections or inductions as a result of them, but how accurateContinue reading “Big Babies – The Curse of (mis) Diagnosing a Macrosomic Infant Part.1”