Labor Day: We Asked a Midwife What to Expect If there’s one thing the experts agree is guaranteed about pregnancy and birth, it is that “it will likely be very different from whatever you might be imagining.” This is Julia Bower, a CNM (certified nurse midwife) in Austin, Texas. Bower has delivered over 800 babies in her over her twenty-plus-year career. In case youContinue reading “Labor Day: We Asked a Midwife What to Expect”

Early-morning births are genetically programmed   “THE notion that nothing good happens after midnight does not seem to apply to times of birth. Around the world the peak hours for vaginal births that have not been induced by drugs fall between 1am and 7am; the numbers then dwindle throughout the rest of the day. This has led many scientistsContinue reading “Early-morning births are genetically programmed”

Prodromal Labor 101: What It Is, What It’s Not and How to Cope Despite prodromal labor not being mentioned in the most common pregnancy books, you’ll still hear it frequently being discussed among friends, with care providers and in online communities.  Because of this discrepancy, it makes sense that there is confusion and frustration surrounding the topic.  In this post I hope to define prodromal labor, but moreContinue reading “Prodromal Labor 101: What It Is, What It’s Not and How to Cope”