Big Babies – Birthing a Macrosomic Infant – Part 2. So What are Your Birth Options with a Big Baby? Having birthed four big babies myself and through my involvement in the birthing scene ever since, I have come to conclude that if you are carrying a suspected large baby then you need to put a bit of extra planning into planning the birth. I likeContinue reading “Big Babies – Birthing a Macrosomic Infant – Part 2.”

Do You Doula?

Do You Doula? Leza Besemann first heard of doulas—women whose job is to provide continuous emotional support during labor, but who are not medical nurses—at a natural childbirthing class in the early 2000s, when she was 30 and preparing to have her first baby. “As soon as my husband and I heard about the roleContinue reading “Do You Doula?”

Labor is not a Toothache! “Anyone who has ever had a toothache or a kidney stone will argue there is no benefit to the pain other than to let us know something is wrong. Painkillers are a godsend in these circumstances. But labor is not a toothache and it is time to look at the pain of labor inContinue reading “Labor is not a Toothache!”