The Neonatal ICU Gets a Makeover Hospitals are taking premature infants out of isolated incubators and into rooms where they can have close contact with their parents. Hospitals are rethinking the way they care for premature babies. The traditional neonatal intensive-care unit puts preterm babies—those born before 37 weeks—into incubators in a room with six to eight other infants. ButContinue reading “The Neonatal ICU Gets a Makeover”

Saving Babies’ Lives by Carrying Them Like Kangaroos

Skin-to-skin contact sustains premature babies where incubators are limited. It may even be the best form of neonatal care, period. Carmela Torres was 18 when she became pregnant for the first time. It was 1987 and she and her now-husband, Pablo Hernandez, were two idealistic young Colombians born in the coastal region of MonteríaContinue reading “Saving Babies’ Lives by Carrying Them Like Kangaroos”

OB-GYN Group Issues Major New Cord Clamping Recommendation More and more research has said there are benefits to keeping the umbilical cord attached for several minutes after childbirth ― a practice known as “delayed cord clamping.” But the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has held off from endorsing the practice, saying there was insufficient evidence to support it universally. This week ACOGContinue reading “OB-GYN Group Issues Major New Cord Clamping Recommendation”