The Neonatal ICU Gets a Makeover Hospitals are taking premature infants out of isolated incubators and into rooms where they can have close contact with their parents. Hospitals are rethinking the way they care for premature babies. The traditional neonatal intensive-care unit puts preterm babies—those born before 37 weeks—into incubators in a room with six to eight other infants. ButContinue reading “The Neonatal ICU Gets a Makeover”

Your baby does NOT need to ‘learn to self-settle’ If you’re questioning the rightness of your desire to pick up your baby when he cries, or lie beside him as he falls to sleep, read this. “He’s got you wrapped around his little finger.” “She’ll never learn if you do whatever she demands.” “He needs to learn to self-settle.” These are phrases everyContinue reading “Your baby does NOT need to ‘learn to self-settle’”

What No One Tells You About Bonding With Baby (click to read the entire article on If we spend time thinking about it (which we often don’t), most of us believe we’ll transition into motherhood easily. I’m sure lots of women have no problems in those early heady days of being a first time mom. But I’d also be willing to betContinue reading “What No One Tells You About Bonding With Baby”