Evidence on Eating Dates to Start Labor

https://evidencebasedbirth.com/evidence-eating-dates-to-start-labor/ This has been a hot topic in the doula world for a while. (Click link above to watch the video on EBB website regarding dates and labor!) In today’s Q & A, part of our Natural Induction Series, we’re going to talk about eating the date fruit or Phoenix dactylifera to induce labor naturally.Continue reading “Evidence on Eating Dates to Start Labor”

Show Me Your Cochrane!

http://www.orgasmicbirth.com/cochrane/ (click link to read blog on orgasmicbirth.com) Turning a page for Maternity Care I am pleasantly surprised that we may be FINALLY  turning a page in the her-story of medicalized maternity care. While most fields of medicine base their practices on the latest and best science, maternity care has been in the dark ages, leavingContinue reading “Show Me Your Cochrane!”