42 Weeks and counting (loving overdue babies)

http://wisewomanwayofbirth.com/42-weeks-and-counting-loving-overdue-babies/ Carrying a baby to 42 weeks and beyond has become such a big deal in our culture.  In a healthy pregnancy, carrying the baby longer is a good sign and results in a baby that sucks well and is ready for extra uterine life.  This is the information that I give to mothers whoContinue reading “42 Weeks and counting (loving overdue babies)”

New Dad’s Advice: Just Hire a Damn Doula!

http://goodmenproject.com/families/new-dads-advice-just-hire-a-damn-doula-jrmk/ So, your partner is expecting a baby. That’s amazing. You’re surely getting unsolicited advice from all angles. Well, here’s another piece for the pile: Hire a damn doula. When my pregnant wife first proposed hiring a doula, I issued my standard response when asked about paying someone to perform a service: Nope, I canContinue reading “New Dad’s Advice: Just Hire a Damn Doula!”