Using Sports Psychology for Childbirth Any woman who has ever carried and birthed a child, in whatever fashion, deserves her own ESPN highlight reel — blood, sweat, tears and the eventual triumph of holding her newborn baby. To be clear, childbirth isn’t a game. You can’t plead with the referee when you don’t like a call or leave theContinue reading “Using Sports Psychology for Childbirth”

The Benefits of a Mindful Pregnancy Many expectant mothers worry about the physical pain that accompanies labor and childbirth. New research suggests that including mindfulness skills in childbirth education can help first-time mothers cope with their fear. (click link to read this great post on NY Times website)

Avoiding These 4 Things May Help You Have the Birth You Want (click link above to read on For those of you who don’t know, Michel Odent is a world-famous researcher and obstetrician who ran a maternity unit in France for, I think, 86 years. Yeah, he’s that good. He is recognized for his extensive research concerning how we are born. All the stuff that midwivesContinue reading “Avoiding These 4 Things May Help You Have the Birth You Want”