The Truth Behind 5 Common Home Birth Myths A recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that home births are gaining in popularity and all-in-all, home births have risen 20% in recent years. Still, many pregnant women and their partners are concerned that home births may not be as safe as a hospital birth, likely because homeContinue reading “The Truth Behind 5 Common Home Birth Myths”

Group B Strep: what you need to know We are told that the concern about Strep B involves two groups at high risk of infection: 1. Premature infants under 37 weeks gestation 2. Any infant in utero with membranes released longer than 18 hours   (click to read article…great information on Strep B)  

Ten Things Every New Mom Should Know “When I was a first time mom, I got a lot of advice. I even got advice about people’s advice!  Now that I’ve been through three years of motherhood and have just become a new mom again, I suppose I’ve earned my turn to give some advice. Take what speaks to you, and leave theContinue reading “Ten Things Every New Mom Should Know”