How It Works

(Photo by Lauren Guilford)

*As of March 2020, due to the declaration of a national health emergency and the California stay-at-home order, I have moved to mostly virtual interviews and limited in person support services for clients choosing hospital births for the forseeable future. Please see my Virtual Support page for more information and updates.

**As of September 2020, some Los Angeles hospitals are allowing doulas, with some restrictions. If you are wondering if your hospital has changed policy, please ask. I continue to provide in person support for homebirth and birth center births. 


I offer no obligation phone consultations and/or virtual meetings to see if we are a good fit. I am also open to a socially distanced in-person meeting, if preferred.

Should you decide that I am the Doula for you, you will receive the following:

2+ prenatal visits to discuss: your birth vision, preferences, the process of labor,  hospital protocol and procedures (if applicable), how we can work together to achieve your goals, review comfort techniques during labor, plans for postpartum recovery,  and any questions or concerns you may have

Additional meetings (if requested) such as a one on one or a visit with you to your midwife/OB appointment, or a 37 week home visit with your homebirth midwife.

Unlimited phone, text, and email contact before baby arrives

Access to my lending library

A Motherboard subscription for helpful information and working on birth preferences

On call for you 24/7 beginning 2+ weeks before your guesstimated due date and continuing until your baby’s birth day

Phone/text support during early labor

Continuous labor support at home and/or hospital/birthing center, preferably close to onset of active labor but sooner if desired/needed

Reassurance of an amazing back up doula in the case that it becomes necessary

Attendance at cesarean birth if needed/chosen and approved by medical staff

Emotional, physical, and informational support before, during, and after birth

Postpartum follow up via phone/text/email for any questions or concerns and any needed referrals

One postpartum visit within the first 1-4 weeks (at the client’s request and convenience) to discuss the birth,  address any concerns, receive feedback, give referrals as needed, and (of course) admire your baby

*If you have any other special requests please feel free to let me know!

What I DON’T Do:

I do NOT perform any clinical tasks such as blood pressure, vaginal exams, or fetal heart tones.

I will NOT interfere with partner during labor and birth (though I will happily offer information/advice/techniques for them to utilize!)


Please contact me regarding fees.*

A portion of my regular rate goes towards supporting BIPOC doulas and resources for underserved communities.

50% is due when you retain my services and this will secure your due date.

The remainder is due by our final prenatal or 36/37 weeks unless other arrangements are made

*I truly believe in your right to birth your baby the way you want to and I want to help you. Please do not let cost be your only reason for not hiring a Doula. Payment plans or sliding scales may be available. If I cannot serve you, I will do my best to help you find a doula who can.