Doulas vs. Gyms- The Doula Ban in Los Angeles

Hiring a doula ensures a family has the continued presence of a nurturing birth professional within the context of a relationship. Doulas help navigate expecting families through birth, knowing the questions to ask if families face choices or interventions during labor.

However, the hospitals of Los Angeles have decided doulas are less essential than gyms, which opened June 12, 2020. Furthermore, bars, breweries, wineries, tasting rooms, beauty salons, massage therapists, tattoo parlors, racetracks, and card rooms have all reopened as of June 19, 2020.

Los Angeles is currently in Phase 3 of reopening after our Safer-at-Home Order went into effect on March 19th. At the same time LA asked residents to stay home, hospitals restricted labor and delivery visitors to one support person: either the partner or the doula. Some view these as necessary steps to limit exposure during the initial stage of the pandemic, when it was uncertain how deeply our community would be impacted. Now that Los Angeles is progressing to advanced stages of reopening, including nail salons and yoga classes, it is time to allow doulas back into the hospital.

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