15 Signs That It’s Time to Fire Your OB, Now! | Mother Rising


OBs play very influential roles in women’s lives during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.  Having the right or wrong person at your birth can make or break your vagina.  Literally.  Unfortunately, sometimes the doctor or midwife a woman chooses in the first trimester turns out not to be such a great fit as pregnancy progresses.  But how should you know when it’s time to fire your OB or midwife?  Glad you asked.

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One Reply to “15 Signs That It’s Time to Fire Your OB, Now! | Mother Rising”

  1. !5 very good points to watch out for. Number 8 and 12 are particularly important.

    Being Informed and recording your decisions in a birth plan.

    Birth Plans are my bread and butter – I call them Birth Maps. And they are the equivalent of an Advanced Care Directive. (https://www.bellabirth.org/bellablog/more-than-just-another-birth-book). The Birth Map benefits care providers, along with women and their partners, so it makes no sense for a care provider to ignore it.

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