The Dangerous Myth of an “Ideal Birth”

The Dangerous Myth of an Ideal Birth. 

I have seen many women create an impossible standard for birth. I’m not going to perpetuate that standard any further by describing it…but I’m sure that many of you already know what it is. What is heartbreaking is that women are using words like this to describe women’s birth stories:

“Less than ideal”

“A good try”

“Somewhat there”

There Is No Such Thing as an Ideal Birth

I’ve had people tell me that unless I share images that show women giving birth completely unassisted, I’m perpetuating the myth that women “need help.” Because according to some, an image with a midwife or doctor’s hand is “less than ideal.”

A baby with a hat on is “a good try” at skin-to-skin.

A woman who gives birth on her back with her feet in the stirrups is “somewhat there.”


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