What 9 Months Of Pregnancy Actually Does To A Woman’s Body

What 9 Months Of Pregnancy Actually Does To A Woman’s Body

Last summer, photographer and body love evangelist Jade Beall told HuffPost Parents that society faced “an epidemic of women who feel unworthy of being called beautiful,” and shared her dream to cure this confidence crisis.

The Arizona artist was using Kickstarter to fund a book project; she hoped to publish a volume of images showing the natural beauty of mothers’ nude and semi-nude bodies. Her crowdfunding campaign was extremely successful — raising nearly three times its goal amount — and now, the book is here. The Bodies of Mothers: A Beautiful Body Project, featuring portraits and accompanying personal stories, will be published on Mother’s Day. (click link to read on Huffington Post and go get the book!)

photo credit JADE BEALL
photo credit JADE BEALL

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